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How To Clean Copper Jewelry

Do you love copper jewellery but after a while it tarnishes? I'll show you an incredibly shocking way to make it look brand new again! You will only need two "ingredients" that I am pretty sure you have at home but you never thought it would be used for cleaning anything!

A guide to choose your proper ring size

The best method to define your ring size is if you can measure it with a tool that serves this purpose. A tool like this can be found in most (if not all) jewelry shops, and if you visit one near to you, they will surely help you gladly, and will measure your size.

How to clean felt

Wool and felt which is made of the former, have the particular quality of being water and dirt repellant (consider how crucial that quality can be in wildlife). Thanks to that, felted hats, scarves and other clothing need to be washed pretty rarely. Although, every now and then they must be cleaned. Felt needs to be refreshed sometimes anyway, this will not only remove the filth but also strengthen the bond between the protein molecules.

A guide to earrings that emphasize the beauty of face shapes

Earrings are an easy-to-wear accessory that any woman can use to finish off her outfits. While buying earrings is largely a matter of personal style, women who want to make the most of this accessory should choose earring styles that are suited to their face shapes. Highlighting the natural face shape will draw out a woman's beauty and compel others to focus on her best features.